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Why Choose Austria?

The structure of higher education in Austria is similar to the rest of Europe. The country provides great diversity and cultural richness. It is a great experience both historically and culturally. The Australian institutions offer varied programs starting from research-based courses, art courses, and programs in applied sciences. The economic stability, social security, and great hospitality of Austrians are what attract the international students. Austria has high standards of living. It has a thriving tourism industry, beautiful scenery, and is a fascinating historical landmark.

Austria provides a good standard of education for incredibly low tuition fees. Some of Europe’s finest scientists, philosophers, and writers are from Austria. It is a traditional place to study and stay in. It provides quality education and offers a master’s program taught exclusively in English. It is one of the most industrialized countries in the world. Students can work part-time and earn up to 9 to 12 Euros per hour. An Austrian visa allows students to travel to all the other Schengen countries which provides a great opportunity for students to travel to nearby places during the course of their studies.

Our Priority University

Modul University, Vienna

International Business School, Vienna