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Why Choose Malta?

Malta is a member of both the European Union and the Commonwealth, enjoying close ties with the UK. It is a member of the European Higher Education Area as well. Students interested in pursuing higher studies here can try for the various funding options or scholarships for international students in Malta, which can also include the support provided by the authorities in Malta and by the European Union. When compared to other European countries, Malta is far more economical and provides a high standard of living with moderate costs. Food, transportation, living expenses, and tuition fee are quite affordable.

Malta has a well-rounded education system with several public as well as private institutions offering full-time programs to international students in a variety of disciplines as well as specialized courses in technology, tourism, arts, etc. The majority of these institutions are in Valetta, the capital city. They also welcome students on exchange programs, as well as students who are benefiting from a scholarship. All qualifications attained through the institutions in Malta are internationally recognized.

Our Priority University

Queen Mary University, Malta

Middlesex University, Malta

London School of Commerce, Malta